Join our texting service

We’re a small family farm that uses traditional methods to rear our stock, this means you get the highest quality, tender and tasty produce. The downside is we get a lot of orders leading up to a weekend and have limited items to sell to customers not placing an order. We offer a texting service to let our customers know what will be available on the following weekend. We send out a text every Sunday evening and if there is anything you wish to order, from a couple of carrots and a bag of mince to a veg box and weeks worth of meat we will note your order and ensure is all ready for collection at the weekend. For the covid-19 situation we have also setup a time slot collection service, if you let us know an approximate time and day you would like to collect we will try our best to give you a suitable slot. We are doing this to ensure our customers are not waiting around in queues and get the space they need to keep everybody safe.

We understand that not everybody wants to leave their phone number or be bothered by texts so we also take order by phone call, email and Facebook messenger. Please use the page to find out more.